Day 20
Monday, June 1
   At My Father's House   

dawn at Dad's house
I was woken before 5:30 by a veritable battle of mockingbird song. There must have been at least 6 birds with territories within earshot, including one right outside my open window who sounded like he was right in the room with me. furbeasts in the morning It sure beats alarm clocks! I threw on a coverup to go let the dogs out for their morning constitutional, and found a dawn so beautiful I went back for my cameras.

Singer Dad's little dog raised a terrific racket when she saw my furbeasts out and about, so alas Dad was also compelled to rise with the sun! We mutually agreed we would indulge in afternoon naps.

more desert dawn
I also got my first look at my travelogue web pages on a real computer here at Dad's. The digital pictures are much better than I had thought they were! They look pretty crummy on my laptop display, but then it is not an SVGA display and has obviously mangled the pictures to make them show. I am far more pleased with the little inexpensive digital camera now! Won't feel quite as much envy for those with their $800 Sonys.


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