Day 21
Tuesday, June 2
   At My Father's House   

A quiet day in Benson. I got caught up with my email at last!!

Bev & Dave Burkholder This evening Bev & Dave Burkholder from the Keeshond-L, who live in Tucson, joined my father and I for dinner at the "Chute-Out" steak house here in Benson. The steakhouse used to be the other half of a raunchy rodeo bar out at the rodeo arena, but has recently moved downtown to respectability. I was afraid I would miss the "atmosphere", but it wasn't all so respectable after all! The restaurant is still an adjuct of an old-fashioned honky-tonk, even in the downtown location. That was the best steak I have had in a long, long, time, I must confess. Ummmm.

Bev & Dave came back to the house to meet the furbeasts and we had a wonderful coze, talking dogs and looking at the Keeshond goodies I bought at vendor stands at the National. They are the nicest possible people and it is always wonderful to meet some of your e-friends in real life.


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