Day 9
Thursday, May 21

Well, folks, no pictures today. Wisconsin is pretty enough, but too tame for my tastes -- it looks like Ohio. My bells are rung by a wilder, more natural landscape. I did see a few farmscapes worth recording, but I was on Interstate 94 the whole day and there were no adjacent exits. Besides which, I wanted to arrive in Racine early so I could clean up before starting the National Show with the cocktail party, and get my furbeasts brushed into company-order before anybody saw them looking raggy. I drove and drove, and listened to music in the morning and a really gripping thriller audio book in the afternoon. Um, it was so gripping I darn near ran out of gas on the interstate through failing to notice the gas gauge.... thank goodness for those little red lights!

I arrived at the hotel in Racine around 4 PM to be met by gray furbeasts everywhere, and the sound of yipping coming from every room. It's great seeing all these beautiful dogs together under one roof!

Tomorrow I will try to have photos of the winners of the KFCS Specialty for you.... This year it's "dueling cameras" as lots of people have digitals!


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