Day 1
Thursday, May 17
                      On Our Way                      

What a day!! We swinked and sweated from sunup to sundown, doing what felt more like moving house than packing up for our temporary travelling home a trip. The trouble with a rented motorhome is that there is nothing in it... you have to set up your kitchen, your bathroom, the whole thing. By the end of the day both Jeannine and I were really grumpy and snapping at each other. Last thing, I remembered it was garbage day, and we had an overflowing garbage can. I looked at Jeannine, Jeannine looked at me, then we both said, "Let it rot!" and got on the road. Only 4 hours late! We left at 8 PM, which is when we were supposed to arrive at Joanie's.

We finally arrived at Joanie's at 2 AM... so there was no question of doing the web page until the morning. As it was, I didn't think I was going to make it at all... I had to pull over in Lost Hills, where I told Jeannine "I can't go on anymore" (because I was falling asleep at the wheel.) Fortunately, a brief nap set me up again.

Libby in charge Here's Libby, in the driver's seat where she likes to be. She gets pissed that she only gets to sit there when the vehicle is stopped. Thinks she's human and knows she ought to be in charge.

Bedroom of the dogs Chris's Furbeasts ride in the back bedroom, in crates up on top of the bed. At night the big cage gets folded up and stored at the foot of the bed, so Chris has a little strip of bed to herself. The other 2 dogs think it's pretty neat to sleep on a bed, even though they are in their crates. Singer and Bonnie have to cram themselves into the very small, very very small, floor area.


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