Day 11
Sunday, May 27
      At the National      

Well, it's over -- and here is the winner: Ch Cameo's NorEaster
He's a very beautiful dog. This is the first time I had seen him in real life, and when he trotted into the ring I said to myself, "What dog is that?" ...Sorry for the blurry photo, I was shooting across the ring on telephoto in dim light, and I had a lot of trouble with camera shake.

You may or may not know that one of the reasons I attended the National this year was husband-hunting for Shady this year and Windy next year.
Here are the "spouse apparents": Ch Koblstone's Rockin' da Big House
This is my current pick for Shady in 2001.

And for Windy in 2002, I like this gorgeous young dog: Ch Sherwood's Significant Other In my humble opinion, this guy comes as close to the perfect Keeshond as I have seen in the last few years. I am excited at the prospect of the puppies he and Windy could make... excited enough to face the logistics nightmare of breeding to a Pennsylvania dog. Since I don't much like shipping my dogs by air, particularly in today's climate of airline indifference, it means I will either have to take a driving vacation to the East Coast or arrange for artificial insemination. But I think he will be worth it. And of course I am assuming that he passes his screening tests, once he is old enough to have them done.

And here is Tari Casey's Dante, a son of my Singer and Shady: Vanderblom Dryriver Andante


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