Day 14
Wednesday, May 30
      Rocky Mountains      

the moho at the camp in Colorado We had a great RV parking site near Glenwood Springs, CO.
The motorhome sat amongst rustling pines, with a rushing
mountain stream within earshot. A lovely place to stop!! Stream next to our campsite

Low down on the west side of the Rockies Coming down the west side of the Rockies, the mountains dwindle to isolated ridges separated by flatter land, the vegetation becomes dry scrub and sage, and the rocks change from Rocky Mountain dark brown to pale buff and red sandstone. The progression moves fairly smoothly from this, in Colorado----->

To this, in Utah---> Red buttes in Utah

This is the Colorado River, before it dives into its network of canyons Colorado River on the west side of the Rockies that extend from Utah to mid-Arizona.

Our big stop for the day was Arches National Park, near Moab. in Arches Natl Park It is truly beautiful and I am going to let the pictures do their own talking now.

in Arches Natl Park

in Arches Natl Park

in Arches Natl Park

in Arches Natl Park

Moab, where we are staying, is a really nice town. It is in an Shangri-La-like setting; a verdant flat valley, bisected by the Colorado River, and bordered on both sides by vertical cliffs of red rock. It is the kind of Western landscape you think of when you envision the West as a child. Moab is touristy and yuppified enough to have a lot of excellent restaurants and interesting shops, yet small enough to be low stress and relaxing. Moab is one of the places I would like to come back to when I have time to stay longer.


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