Day 8
Thursday, May 24
      At the National      

9-yr-old Bonnie in Vet Sweeps Well, let's start the day's account with the important things. Here's my dog, Bonnie showing in Veteran Bitch Sweepstakes. No, she didn't win; but she looked so beautiful out there, I got my money's worth.

Jeannine's Clocks and Jars

Here's a pic of Jeannine sitting her sales table, with Libby in her lap as usual.

Joanne instructing on the Standard

In the evening, the Living Standard program was held, where noted Keeshond breeders critique several dogs for the edification of the audience. Joanne Reed did a particularly cogent, clear, understandable presentation and a crowd of people followed her from dog to dog. Joanne seems to have that rare knack for explaining what she knows to other people. I hope she becomes a regular fixture at Living Standard presentations.

The Keeshond Classroom group After the Living Standard, a group of novices and some volunteer mentors adjourned to tables in the lobby to discuss points of the Keeshond Standard, dog showing techniques, and puppy selection tips. This was a program separate from the official show, organized by the owners of the KeesClassroom Email List (Jeannine DeWald and Robin Skinner) and was an outstanding success. It reluctantly broke up at 11:30 PM, with everyone's heads still swimming with things Keeshond. The Keeshond Classroom group The Keeshond Classroom group

The Keeshond Classroom group


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