Thursday June 15
Day 4
Farewell to the Interstates

I noticed yesterday that despite the motorhome being so new, I had stacked up 6,000 miles -- which meant that I absolutely must get the oil changed, especially in light of this hot journey. So I kept stopping at every possible place I might get it changed, until I finally found one that would do the job while I waited. By then I was far off the Interstates, up in Edmond OK. When it was done, I asked the workers which was the best way to get to the Turner Turnpike since I was bound for Tulsa. I am once again reinforced in my attitude that you should always look things up on a map instead of asking anyone for directions. He gave me very clear directions to I-35 North. The only problem was, after going some miles on I-35, I discovered it does not go anywhere near Tulsa. It goes to Wichita. So, I got off, got out my road atlas, and discovered a cross-country route that would take me to Tulsa.
I was happy to get off the Interstate anyway, as I had planned to take Route 66 instead of a freeway north from Oklahoma City. Along OK33 west of Tulsa Route 33 is an excellent road that goes through beautiful countryside. It is slowed by passing through a good-sized town, but when I am not in a hurry I enjoy seeing the ordinary towns of a new region.

At Tulsa I picked up I-44 just long enough to get through town, and then exitted onto Route 66. Route 66 out in the country It goes here through an absolutely emerald landscape, full of horse farms and registered beef cattle farms and one very posh alpaca farm. Red roofs in an emerald landscape It is impossible to imagine this area ever having been a Dust Bowl. Countryside along Route 66Where Route 66 runs through a town you can see echoes of what it must have been back in the 30's and 40's. Route 66 going through a small town

I went off the beaten track to find my RV park for this night. It is a State Campground on Grand Lake O'the Cherokees and is absolutely gorgeous. I have it almost to myself and the view of the lake is beautiful. (The precious spelling is from the State of Oklahoma, not from me.)
I thought the dogs would like to splash in the lake, which is very shallow; but these are not outdoorsdogs. They declined to put so much as a toe in the water, althought they did attempt to rub themselves on a dead rotted fish on the shore. View of the lake from my parking spot the RV Park Grand Lake O'the Cherokees