The Jersey Shore
June 26 through July 1
At my Cousin Kathy's House

Aunt Evelyn is recovering from a serious fall last November. She's still experiencing a lot of pain but is much more mobile than I had feared. We went out to dinner a couple of times, and up to Marty's house twice for visits; and she gets up and down Kathy's rather steep stairs twice a day to come down for lunch and dinner. Aunt Evelyn Aunt Evelyn

Here's Kathy grilling steaks for dinner one night... Kathy barbecuing steaks

Cleo the Dobermann and Kato the Siamese Cleo the dog and Kato the cat are best buddies and share Cleo's bed very amicably.

I didn't get any photos of Kathy's husband Joe, but we shared many long interesting chats about everything under the sun.

Kathy's house is absolutely beautiful. Kathy's house Kathy's yard The lot is very large and the back half has been left in woods, inhabited by deer and wild turkeys. I got a glimpse of the deer walking in the woods, and the turkeys came right out into the grass to look for food. I was also delighted to find that the fireflies were in season at Kathy's -- there were none yet at Marty's. Kathy's yard Kathy's yard Kathy's yard Kathy's house is inland and warmer which is probably what made the difference. I loved fireflies when I was a kid, and I haven't really seen them since then since they don't live out West. It was such a pleasure, each night as I headed out to the motorhome for bed, to watch the fireflies lighting up the night.

Kathy's house is beautiful inside, too, and she did her own decorating. Kathy's dining room Kathy's living room I think she could set up as an interior decorator if she wanted to.

Kathy and crew were going down to her daughter's beach house for the 4th of July, so I headed back to Marty's house for the holiday weekend.
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