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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 3 weeks old

How could I have forgotten Shalimar?? Such a lovely, musical name and much better for a girl puppy than Obsession. The names will now be Arpege, Shalimar, Aramis, and Old Spice.

The puppies' eyes are wide open, heads are carried high, they walk firmly and are experimenting with bounces and spins. They occasionally let go with a little bark or a growl. They wag their tails, and are beginning to play with each other. Blanca sat down and scratched her shoulder with a hind foot, just like a real dog.

Their teeth are just beginning to break through the gums. They are passing infancy and becoming dog-children.

The puppies respond when I come up to their puppy-box now -- they look up at me, then start crying and charge to the side of the box. I think they are saying, "Bottle lady! Gimmee a bottle! Me first!"

Remember the 1-week pics? The perfume bottles in the background looked gigantic. Look at them now! This is Mr Blue, standing on his hind legs (with a little help) and dwarfing the perfume bottles.
The Blueboy getting his dinner. He drinks the entire bottle. I am going through a half gallon of goat milk per day, and they are only 3 weeks old!
Isn't the Greenguy looking good? Sorry about the drunken tilt to the photo. We had a pretty good earth shake here that day, but I can't blame it on the quake because it didn't happen during this photo. :-)
Such a cuuuute face!

You notice I had to make a backdrop for the photos. The puppies are active enough that without the backdrop, they would have charged right off the table before I could grab them.
Miss White
Blanca is very difficult to photograph. She insists on turning her head to the side, for reasons unknown. She's got her own agenda, always. When I feed her, she has to chew on the rubber nipple for a while before she will settle down and drink her dinner. If I am in a hurry, I have to first give her gums a good rub with my finger. The teeth are juuust under the surface of the gum!
Miss White
I finally had to hold her chin firmly to get a shot of her face.
Pinkie having dinner. Pinkie is a really solid chunk of a puppy, and still has a darker face than any of the others.
Pinkie the cutiepie.

When you've got a tummyfull of milk, the best thing is a good snooze.
This is Pinkie, the Canteloupe Girl.

Pinkie's Fat Belly

Puppies' registered names will be:
Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege (pick female)
Vanderblom Old Spice (pick male)
Vanderblom Shalimar (female)
Vanderblom Aramis (male)
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