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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 1 week old
1 week oldWindy and the litter at 1 week old. That's Mr Blue and Mr Green still nursing, and Blanca sleeping on the hot-pad. You can see how much bigger Blanca is than her brothers at this age.

Mr Blue, the firstborn male. He was born enormous (12.2 oz) but is something of a finicky eater and has been outstripped by the greedy, greedy girls. He makes it quite clear that he prefers his mother's milk to goat milk
Mr Green is the other male and the second born. He was born the smallest puppy in the litter and has so far stayed that way. He is less biased against goat milk than Mr Blue, but he will stop eating when his belly is gently rounded rather than bloating himself up like a tick the way his sisters do.
Miss White
Blanca (Miss White). Both of the girls are very greedy feeders and are putting on weight in a hurry. They've left the boys 3 oz behind, although Mr Blue started out 2 oz heavier than the biggest girl.
Blanca is a girl who wants things the way she wants them, or you will hear about it. From birth onward, if a puppy was complaining about life it would be Blanca. On the wrong side of Windy from the milk bar? You hear about it. A little too cool or a little too hot? Hear about it. Nosing around for a teat and can't find one? You hear about it loudly.
Blanca is also the most forward of the puppies. She is determinedly trying to get up on her legs and walk, and can actually manage it for a few steps. Then she loses her balance, topples over, and since she is so round, rolls like a ball with her stumpy little baby legs sticking in the air.
Pinkie lives for FOOD!! When I bottle feed, she nails onto the nipple so hard I can let go of her and suspend her just from her grip on the nipple. She doesn't know the meaning of "enough" either, and I have learned to pull her off the nipple before her belly reaches a balloonlike size or she will grizzle miserably from the stomach-ache afterwards. She is trying to suckle on my hand in this pic.
Pinkie's face is noticeably blacker than the other puppies. That may or may not carry forward as she grows -- but it could be that she takes after her dark-faced Dad rather than her light-faced Mom.

One last pic --
Here's Pinkie after eating. Gotta see that belly to believe it! Pinkie's belly

Puppies' registered names will be:
Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege (pick female)
Vanderblom Old Spice (pick male)
Vanderblom Shalimar (female)
Vanderblom Aramis (male)
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Puppies at 2 Weeks

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