Friday, July 21
Returning, Day 6
Central Ohio to Terre Haute

The last time I was on this route was when I was 21 and I drove my turquoise and white Oldsmobile, packed to the ceiling with everything I owned including my dog and a cageful of birds, from New Jersey to my new life in California. Then, there was no Interstate and US 40 was only 2 lanes wide. It skimmed over the surface of the land; up a hill, down the other side, up another hill, etc. Traffic was light, but the occasional truck was a real challenge to pass. I drove West during a heat wave and at that time car A/C was rare... so I got going each day at dawn and hoped to reach the next airconditioned motel by 2 PM. Since that was my first solo trip, my parents had reserved a motel for me for each night across the country -- and I had to call home and check in every day when I reached my motel.

Well it's different now. Interstate 70 parallels the old US 40 and runs pretty much smooth and straight, and very heavily trafficed. You don't get that old countryside feeling -- but on the other hand, you don't have to drive for miles in a chain of cars behind a slow truck.

This day I just stuck on the Interstate and made miles westward. I'm getting anxious to get back home.

cornfield in Indiana
A cornfield in Indiana
I'm in a KOA at Terre Haute, on the western edge of Indiana, tonight. I am pleased that I have both Wi-Fi and cable TV at this KOA -- I wanted to check the weather ahead, so I can choose a route without violent storms or blistering heat. I have some luck -- tomorrow night I will be in St Louis, which had horrible winds the last 2 days -- but the storms have moved onward and St Louis will be clear weather, with the leg across Missouri in the 80's not 100's like last week, and then the trek across Kansas on the next day will feature clear skies and 90 degree temps. Looks like I will not have severe heat problems until I reach Utah and Nevada.

So far travel has been very comfortable -- it's hot and humid outside, but the A/C keeps the motorhome quite pleasant all day. I can stop when I want without sweltering.

While I was in New Jersey, Wendy put on a fantastic seafood feast including lobster, blue crab, steamed clams, clams Casino, scallops, bluefish, shrimp cocktail, and spicy sauteed jumbo shrimp. The bluefish was special for me; I love it, and you can't get it out west. Wendy also filleted 2 bluefish and froze them to send away with me. Last night I defrosted and cooked one of the fillets -- and it was oh so good! I remember Marty and Wendy's seafood feast with every bite of bluefish.