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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 5 weeks old
At 5 weeks
By now, it looks like being a mother is getting very old for Windy!

Changes are speeding up. This week, one of the magic moments of Keeshond puppy development happened -- their ears migrated to the top of their heads. See what I mean?

showing the side-mounted ears

And they still have a bit further to go before they are done.

This was Mr Blue peering over the edge of the puppy box last week.
Here he is this week. Getting taller!
And their muzzles are pushing out from their backskulls.

Gotta love those little black shoebutton eyes.
They are all determined to get out of the box now. They spend a lot of time trying to climb out. Here's Blue having a go at it.
Miss White
Blanca studying the outside world.

Blanca is developing a little slower than the others right now. You notice her ears haven't moved as high yet, and although you can't see it in this photo, her tail has not finished curling up yet either.

Blanca has had a personality change since her earliest weeks. She is a quiet puppy now, rarely fussing; and a champion wagger. She wags her tail vigorously all the while she is eating, she's so happy to be fed. She wags that tail so much, we joke that is why it hasn't curled up yet.
Pinkie is the most determined of all to get OUT -- and Pinkie is now the noisy puppy. "Ki-yi, ki-yi" until she succeeds in topping the side of the box -- "THUMP" as she falls on her nose -- then happy silence as she forges around the workroom exploring. The workroom is not puppy-safe, so I am going to have to move the puppies to the kitchen a little sooner than is prudent. They should be out of the box and running around by now, but I wanted to wait another week to make sure no kennel cough came home from last weekend's show with us.
Look! Pinkie's ears have come up! She is very precocious in that respect -- both Blueboy and Blanca still have soft dropped ears. Pinkie's are all the way up on top of her head, too. Makes her look soooo cute!
Pups playing
Play has gotten rough. They are using those sharp new teeth on each other.
Pups playing
Wrestling match, Pinkie vs Blue. Blue (underneath) looks pretty angry.
Pups playing
In this pic you can see how Blanca's tail has not curled up yet. Never fear, it will.
Windy playing with pup
Windy has begun playing with them. She taps them so, so gently! Nothing like the way she plays with an older dog.
Chewing solid food
On the food front, they are learning to bite off pieces of food and chew them, instead of just licking their food up. Pinkie, here, is having her first experience with food stuck in her teeth. It is so comical how flustered they get when they first encounter the little annoyances of life! Pinkie is NOT a happy camper.
Pinkie standing
They appear to have gotten their mother's excellent bone and substance. Look at this stalwart little chunk!

Hangin' out at the water cooler...

hanging out at the water cooler
(Blanca and Blue)

Puppies' registered names will be:
Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege (pick female)
Vanderblom Aramis (male)
Vanderblom White Diamonds (female)
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