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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 6 weeks old

The puppies are so active now I've switched to video clips to show them. The clips are MPG format and should show with whatever video display program you have connected to your browser.

Changes are speeding up. By Friday, there was no holding the pups in their box any more. They climbed back out as fast as I put them in. The workroom/art studio is not a puppy-safe environment, so it became necessary to move the puppies to the kitchen a little sooner than was prudent. Fortunately nobody brought any kennel cough home from the show the previous weekend, so all is well -- and the puppies are joyfully running all over the place.

Here's a closeup of BlueBoy's cute face. His ears have started to come up!

Click the pic to watch a short video of the Blue Boy.
Miss White
Blanca's ears are still completely soft -- but her tail has started to curl more.

Blanca is very cobby.

Click the pic to watch a short video of Blanca.
Pinkie is still incredibly cute.

Click the pic to watch a short video of Pinkie.

Here's one last glimpse of the cute Miss Pink--

Puppies' registered names will be:
Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege (pick female)
Vanderblom Aramis (male)
Vanderblom White Diamonds (female)
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