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born June 12, 2007 Pictures at 7 weeks old

The Three Musketeers

They are now in the lets-all-kill-each-other period. Savage little puppy growls, and wild puppy crying when somebody gets their ear bit with those needle-like teeth, that sets the adult dogs all of a doo-dah. This is actually an important stage for their emotional maturity and doggy social skills, and is one of the big reasons why puppies should never be sent to their new homes before 8 weeks old.

They are now big enough to go out in the yard and boy do they love it!! The backyard has very thick grass hiding very uneven ground, from years of gophers and dogs digging up gopher holes. The puppies have to bound through the grass as if they are in deep water. They don't care, they love to race all over the yard and lie in the cool grass for naps.

They are now eating dry kibble along with their puppy slop, and quite enjoy crunching on the dry stuff.

The strapping Mr. Blue

Here's Mr Blue coming a cropper in the rough grass.
Miss White
Blanca, full of sass and bounce as usual.

Blanca enjoying the grass and sassing one of the big dogs. She is a sass-pot, for sure! She also barks at me, and gives me play-bows, when I walk in the door. A cute, cute little girl.

Click the pic to watch a short video of Blanca.
Pinkie, beating up on Blanca.

Click the pic to watch a short video of Pinkie -- as usual, beating up on Blanca. She is so rough with Blanca! Most of the screams from the puppy pen come from Blanca, under assault by Pinkie. Sometimes however it is Blue, under assault by Blanca. As usual with Keeshonds, the male is the gentle-natured one and the girls are fiery little things.

Puppies' registered names will be:
Vanderblom Confetti's Arpege (pick female)
Vanderblom Aramis (male)
Vanderblom White Diamonds (female)
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